tsuki no mon ni: yurei no mori

tsuki no mon ni: yurei no mori
tsuki no mon ni: yurei no mori

Friday, 29 January 2010

moonlight sonata for moongate

there was a concert (los van van) at the park last night, so i was able not only to see the sculpture illuminated with the solar LED spots i'd installed, but also with the nearly-full moon. the response from my audience continues to be enthusiastic, and the sculpture is accumulating quite a narrative of love and loss. i was especially intrigued by a message left by 11 year old brendan shields: if anyone knows brendan, i would love to meet him.

the maquette for this piece is complete, and will be for sale at a special sculpturekeywest fundraiser held on 10th march, at a venue to be determined... so stay tuned.

there is no schedule for the burn, yet, but the park management continue to be very supportive of this event. the determining factors will be meteorolgical: too much wind and/or not enough rain may subvert the burn plan.

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